Clay says, “Yes, I’m gay!” – Aiken finally comes out of the closet

Apparently the in way for celebs to come out is on the cover of People magazine and tomorrow it is Clay Aiken’s turn to come out and say, “Yes, I’m gay.”

From “A second quote explains Aiken’s reason for coming out as ‘I cannot raise a child to lie or hide things,’ a reference to Aiken’s five-week-old son Parker Foster Aiken.”

Though People magazine neither confirms nor denies the cover that will announce the former ‘American Idol’ star’s sexuality tomorrow, it seems pretty clear that the news, first leaked by Perez Hilton is legit. People’s reticence is likely just to build suspense and get you to buy the mag. Besides, who didn’t already know that Clay was gay? But despite the reality that this is a surprise to just about no one, I do commend Aiken on his need to be open and honest as a role model for his child.

Lohan and Ronson at the Emmys

Aiken has continually dodged the queer question and while I respect individual’s personal lives to some extent, performers are so very much in the spotlight it seemed fair for a reporter to ask. As difficult as it may be for the rich and famous to come out, it’s easier for them than many others in the world, so I feel fairly at ease placing the burden on those in the public eye.

Coincidentally, Lindsay Lohan seemingly confirmed her gay relationship with Samantha Ronson during the radio program Loveline last night. The two have made very little effort to hide their relationship but folks are still rightfully excited to hear verbal confirmation.

So Happy National Coming Out Day. This year we’re celebrating a little early with our celebrity guests.

Wednesday morning update: The issue is out on newsstands on Friday and a sneak peak of the article is on the People website now. There’s some more info on coming out to his family and other juicy new gay dad tidbits.

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