Dyke/Trans March

In bra-less DIY spirit, the Dyke and Trans March once again sticks its chest out the Saturday before the big parade to have a march of its own. The gathering begins in the North Park Blocks at 6 p.m. and gets moving at 7 p.m.

Paula the Cowgirl at Dyke March 07

If ever there was a meet market for the PDX ladies this is it. A great time to gauge your last minute Saturday night plans and whoop it up. The marchers in this particular parade tend to be a activists, genderqueers, and an array of fringe gays (not all mind you, just many in this town) so this is a great time to let our hair down and celebrate our difference perhaps more than the fighting for it that happens on a daily basis.

All women, biological or otherwise, dykes and transpeople from across the spectrum are encouraged to attend, and no sign-up or registration is required. You won’t see a lot of fancy floats but you will see body paint, boobs, bikes, babes and a host of colorful, alliterative characters.

As this is the first year that the Trans March has officially joined the ranks of the Dyke March a word from the organizers:

The first annual Portland Trans March will kick off from the NW park blocks (9th and Davis) at 7PM on Saturday, June 16th. People are encouraged to bring signs, noisemakers, banners, and other identifying markers. The Trans March will happen at the same time and in the same place as the annual Portland Dyke March.

Last year there was a community wide discussion regarding the language on the Portland Dyke March website, run by an anonymous person that pays for and supports the site, concerning the language on the site. Many trans people (particularly FTM trans people) felt the language was not inclusive and that they were not welcome because they do not identify as “women.”

Dyke March organizers contend that the language is not meant to be exclusive and is meant to allow folks to self-identify to decide whether or not the Dyke March is for them.

In response to this concern, Stef-Anie Wells (Pride Northwest 2007 president and longtime Dyke March organizer and participant), said that they would love to see a Trans March started in Portland like they have in San Francisco. Until that time, she encourages creating a space in conjunction with the Dyke March, for trans people wanting to march. Creating such a space respects the integrity of the Dyke March and also the integrity of the Trans community, who are often lumped in with the Queer community, whether or not they identify as Queer. This arrangement allows a recognized, distinct Trans presence during Portland Pride weekend and an organized venue within which they can demonstrate outside of traditional, mainstream pride events.

For more information on the San Francisco Trans March visit:

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