Dozono comes a-courting

Local mayoral candidate Sho Dozono wants to make sure the voters know that the gays like him too, even if he is running against openly gay Commissioner Sam Adams.

And I admit, it would be exciting to be able to claim the honor of the first major American city with a gay mayor, but that isn’t a deciding factor in my support of Sam. I respect Adams’ liberal bravery, his willingness to advocate for things like bicycle infrastructure and public transportation and his opposition the local business-killer Wal-Mart. I’m not a particular tram fan but Adams believed in it, and for all its cost overruns, it did get done.

But back to Sho…

Via Just Out (video below):

…[the campaign message] features Portland gay power couple Eric Steinhauser and Gregg Macy as enthusiastic supporters of Dozono’s mayoral bid. Steinhauser is Portland Opera’s Box Office Manager and Macy is a Meeting Planning Manager at – wait for it – Azumano Travel. (That’s the Portland company Dozono has run as President/CEO since 1987)

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