Athens Boys Choir video release party

Athens Boys Choir will throw you for a loop.

The choir presently consists of one Mr. Katz, a transsexual man surviving and serving it up homo-hop style in the Deep South. Performing with acts as diverse as the Indigo Girls and Def Comedy Jam poets, Katz brings both irreverence and education to an already skillful and original form of spoken word.

Now Katz has teamed up with local music video-maker extraordinaire Ali Cotterill (Astro Films) to create a fantastically gay golf themed vid for his new single “Fagette.” The marginally NSFW clip below is only a taste of what you’ll see this Sunday at the Holocene release celebration extravaganza.

Seattle old school meets glitter-bling femme duo Team Gina along with DJ KillaWatts at the decks make this an ho down that will get your short shorts dancing in perfect synchronization. Golf gear, croquet mallets, and drag-tastic cheerleaders all make video appearances, and are highly encouraged as costume inspiration for party-goers who plan to take full advantage of the Astroturf photo booth.

And never fear, you lucky underagers haven’t been left out. You get your very own showing and performances tonight, two days before us old folks, at SMYRC (2100 SE Belmont St.) at 8 p.m.

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