Happy Stonewall Anniversary

Today is officially the day that, 38 years ago, drag queens frequenting the Stonewall Inn raised their high heels and fought back against a corrupt police force. I love the story of Stonewall particularly because it was the most different, downtrodden and unruly sect of the burgeoning queer movement of the time that exacted the biggest, most remembered change. I’m sure there are a few excellent documentaries if you’d like to learn more about the riots that changed gay history but as one who appreciates a good story I highly recommend the movie Stonewall for a fictionalized account that’s both profound and easy to watch. It may not be exactly historically accurate but I think it provides a really good understanding of the time and various queer figures involved.

So in honor of this special day I have a couple pics of myself and fellow Q crew member Agent Orange wearing 60/70s style mustaches in commemoration of both Stonewall and my birth (these were taken at my bday party last week). Enjoy the smarm and Happy Stonewall Ani.

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