What a day! — Gossip recap and more

Yesterday had 2 pretty big posts. The unexpected George Fox news had me scrambling to first decide how I felt about it and then get it all out there. And you rewarded me with several comments…most of them negative. I don’t really mind the homophobes though (well I mind them in life in general of course but I don’t mind that those people chose to comment) because really I just like the attention…But in all seriousness I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all you queerions to comment. The bashing comments are bound to take their toll on me at some point so feedback from comrades is appreciated as well.

The more enjoyable news for me was The Gossip’s hometown show. It did not disappoint. I jumped up and down…a lot. There was no nakedness, as there apparently was at last month’s SXSW, but Ms. Ditto’s dress was fantastic. The crowd energy was abundant and the sound flowing from on stage had just the right balance of technical proficiency with raw energy and live elaboration. Best of all, a bike gang of us rode down to the Wonder and the excitement of being with your homies combined with just the right level of alcohol made the night exactly what I wanted it to be. It’s also why I can’t write a more detailed review, but this blog is dangerously close to becoming an “I heart The Gossip” blog anyway so you don’t really need the extra bits of extolling the band’s wonderfulness. And Beth, I have no idea if you read or have ever read this blog but if you do, thank you. Thank you for everything from standing up to Topshop, to rocking as hard as you do, to chit chatting with me and my bike gang from your outdoor perch. Yeah, that was me, the one in the grey bike helmet with the lavender ’80s road bike…

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