Pride music, my music, all kinds of music…

This week’s “What I’m listening to” post has more excitement than usual. Firstly, I finally figured out how to sync my ipod to, meaning you get a more accurate picture of what I’m listening to not only at my desk but on-the-go as well.

Lezzies on X are just as sad as I am that they missed the 70s. I love this picture almost as much as I love their music.

Currently, I’m pretty obsessed with two brand-spanking-new releases from Montreal’s remix masters Lesbians on Ecstasy as well as local boy and last year’s WW best new band Copy.

Beyond my own simple infatuations, however, it appears Portland Pride Festival organizers just announced that they have secured a total of 10 local, regional and national bands to headline at the Portland Pride Festival June 16-17. While many of you might be most excited about Storm Large & the Balls (local gal made good on Rock Star Supernova) or God-des and She (hip-hop artists with appearances on the L Word and currently starting to blow up) I’m particularly excited about Fleshtone and Basic Fix.

Kelly Moe of “Basic Fix” (my “video store boyfriend”) in one of his tamer drag outfits.

Boy these locals put out tracks that are extremely sexy and sensual in a way that will just make you need to leave the crowd as soon as their sets are over. Fleshtone is overt and in your face with an irreverence that won’t let you take their sensuality too seriously. Basic Fix, on the other hand, is straight up fan your face hot. Their slow and deep songs will just have you bothered all day and the gender-bending lead singer Kelly Moe doesn’t hurt either. I used to refer to him as my “video store boyfriend” back in the day when he was just a clerk at Videorama that I had a huge crush on. Hmmm, I wonder if he ever reads this blog…

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