Ann Coulter’s dreaded F word

I realize I’m several days behind at this point but I figured you might want to see the video of conservative maven Ann Coulter calling Presidential candidate John Edwards the f-word. That’s right, I refrain from using it even in my own blog, though I may claim ownership of it in my personal life. Words do have power. That’s why I don’t think it’s ok for me to use that dreaded n-word ever. But Ann, she makes fun of the power of words and then uses it inappropriately anyway. Go you! Besides, John may be a dandy pretty boy, but I don’t actually think he’s gay. What is he, however, is smart (and has a very charming, almost queer, smile to go with those smarts of course) and has set up an anti-Ann fund. So maybe we can let him into our queer club after all?

PS No, I don’t know which candidate I’m voting for in the primaries yet. I’m totally disillusioned with politics and kind of wish the first viable African-American and female candidates weren’t going head to head. I get particularly miffed when they really try to get at each other because, inevitably, one is going to have to support the other in the long run…) Remember that when you’re slinging mud kiddies…) But I would love to start a discussion on who the best candidate for LGBT issues is. Email, comment etc. Let me know your thoughts.

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