Most eligible…really?

Just Out recently published a most eligible article in honor of Valentine’s Day featuring a somewhat diverse array of PDX’s successful singles. They are all pretty adorable in their own way but was this the most famous, best list they could come up with? Don’t get me wrong, they do all indeed look like fabulous catches, and though I am taken myself, I’d gladly have coffee or go dancing with any of them. But I certainly hadn’t heard of them before…Surely, for a title as big as Most Eligible Bachelor, Portland has a few high profile characters. Where are the rock stars, performers and politicos, nay the pseudo-Kennedys of our fair city?

Although, my ranting brings up the "prove it" point. I can think of oh so many delectable desirables but I really can’t be sure any of them are single…and plenty I know not to be. Is a town this rampant with homosexuality, polyamoury and hotness in general really devoid of single gay royalty? I really must, besides brainstorming, get a little closer the gossip machine to determine who really is eligible before I post some of my opinions on top V-Day worthy bachelors, but in the meantime, who do you think is most eligible? Please do let me know by commenting or emailing (it’s that little "contact" link near the top left of this post) and maybe we can get you in touch with your single heartthrob…

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