Doogie and the list

Now that quasi-closeted former TV child doc Doogie Howser, Neil Patrick Harris, has officially come out of the closet, it brings up a gossipy desire I’ve had for awhile now lounging around in the back of my head.

It has been my intention, on a slow queer news day, to put forth a list of obvious queers that still have yet to come out. They could be individuals that are pretty gay in the public eye but refuse to talk about their personal life, or those that try again and again to refute the obvious. (*cough* Clay Aiken *cough*) I’ve got a small list going but I realized it might be more interesting with your input. So I welcome submissions of what celebrity or public figure just needs to bang down that flimsy closet door. I missed the boat on the Doog-ster, but there must be scads out there. You can respond using the comment feature (if it’s working currently) or by emailing me. I’ll help you start the list tomorrow.

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