From Rosie’s view to my own

I have to confess that in some of the brief periods of unemployment in my life I did indeed watch daytime shows such as Rosie ODonnell, Ellen, or The View. But as a productive member of the work force I can’t say I had time to see Rosie’s View debut today. Luckily, the folks over at People magazine did, and this little review seems a nice wrap-up of the lesbian invasion of the female focused morning show. (No You Tube clips yet, but let me know if you see any and I’ll post)

And while I am excited that their is yet a new perspective for The View, this weekend had me more excited watching my new celebrity crush host the MTV Video Music Awards. And you can join me laughing and swooning with 3 of her video clips from the show. No, the adorably hysterical Sarah Silverman is not gay…but I wish she was.

This got me to thinking about my other lady celebrity crushes. I’ve admitted to Jake Gyllenhaal, over and over but normally I don’t have so very many. But 5 lucky ladies have made my list of a “The top 5 I wish they were gay.” Now that I’ve already ruined the surprise of my #1 here are the other 4.

Kate Beckinsale – A vampire or vampire hunter. I really don’t care. She’s tough and hot. She was even an adorable conniver in the 20s styled Cold Comfort Farm.

Christina Ricci – We kinda grew up together. And she turned from that odd and interesting child in The Addams Family into quite the buxom beauty by the time we reached a grown up Opposite of Sex. Hmmm, this closely mirros as my 5 year old obsession with Punky Brewster‘s Soleil Moon Frye…What does this mean?

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Those drop dead looks must run in a family. I especially loved the naughty 1950s college girl of Mona Lisa Smile. Am I a sucker for a period piece?

Parker Posey – Wry and hilarious. She’ll do anything including the ridiculously bad (almost good) Adam and Steve to the best hair-styled movie character I’ve ever seen in Blade: Trinity. I guess I really like the funny ladies. Grrr…

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