Let the guys swim!

I have to admit some ignorance when it comes to sporting rules and regulations, but it seems pretty unfair to me that men cannot compete in the arena of synchronized swimming. This I found out when reading about a team turned away from a San Francisco event. Men compete in Olympic figure skating (and I believe ice dancing as well) and isn’t that just as gay? But seriously, although this team, the San Francisco Tsunami, actually does identify as a gay/lesbian team open to all, there could be men of any sort of orientation or persuasion that thirst for competitive synchro titles. And while part of me wants to whine that there are many sports in which women do not truly have equal access, a part which might, perversely, take some sort of horrible pleasure in the denial of men to enter a sporting contest, this situation really only serves reenforce gender stereotypes and condone women’s traditional lack of access. I say, I can’t wait to see the men in their pretty little speedos.

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