Homo-a-gogo or Homo-a-stay home

Once again it looks like I’m going to be missing the festival of homo music a mere 2 hours to the north of us. Homo-a-gogo only happens once every 2 years and yet somehow I am foiled every time. For those of who who can make it up there, peruse the full schedule of events and decide how much sleep you need, because everything is worth going to. However, I am especially disappointed to miss presenter Vaginal Cream Davis tomorrow, then later a show featuring The Gossip and Jenro. Saturday’s show, featuring Lesbians on X and Michelle Tea should also be fabu.

But if you are like me, indeed, there is hope for you yet. Several of the musicians are local and will play here soon, like The Gossip at the Wonder Ballroom Aug 31st, or Swan Island this Saturday at Mississippi Pizza. Artists from far away may take the opportunity to play Portland as long as their going to be in Olympia. So far I only know of two, Hey Willpower at Holocene Friday (I’ll get to that show in a minute) and the amazing one-woman show of Lenelle Moise, Saturday at the Blue Monk. But I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for more.

Besides, we’ve got some of our own fun stuff anyway (nyah nyah). Booty rocks Acme as usual Thursday. I hear last week was record numbers to it’s sure to keep the your Augusts nights hot. Also, Homo-happy Holocene will present a CD release party for DnD (Do’n’Dudes) this Friday. I wouldn’t want to miss a bad with a description like this:

[DnD] is all about crazy positive dance vibes, dudes ripping their sweaty shirts off, and freaking your neighbor down and dirty to the floor…

DnD will be joined by queer electro group Hey Willpower from SF and DJ Cloud aka songstress Tara Jane O’Neil.

So in or out, it’s up to you…

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