The DList: Are you allowed to join if you’re not a circuit boy?

Though I had had a Friendster profile for years I really fought against joining MySpace (and who can blame me really, considering Rupert Murdoch), though I finally gave in. (You want to find me, it’s really not difficult). But I just learned about DList a sort of MySpace for gays and I got excited. I love the idea of a queer community. I’d happily cut and paste a few “About me” snippets to be part of something like that. But upon first glance of the site it appears to be all underwear party club queens and pretty boys. Can you be a weird queer, or even any kind of female identified and join this site? All the pix I see are deliciously little 18 year old hardbodies, so it makes me wonder. Nevertheless, I think I will join and check it out for a bit, if for not other reason than to throw a wrench in their party machine…

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