Red, blue, independent and the Gov’s race

There’s been some interesting discussion going on over at Blue Oregon about the rhetoric of incumbent Democrat Ted Kulongoski vs. Independent Ben Westlund. While the commentary starts out as pretty simple disbelief at Westlund’s “drugged before surgery excuse” it goes on to some quite thoughtful posts about who is perceived to be more gay friendly vs. who might actually speak out or act during crucial times. I’m still inclined to support a more domocratic candidate overall but I have some sympathy for Westlund’s travels through life. I think it a bit cowardly to say that he was just stressed into an answer about Measure 36, rather than say he had a change of heart but stress can do immense things. It will remain to be seen what he does for gay rights going forward. It’s not enough to make me vote for him, and I doubt it will make BRO endorse him, but it’s worth listening to him and perhaps supporting him in the future.

Then again, the cynics may all be right when they call it simple double speak in a desparate attempt to win both conservative and liberal votes.

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