Celebrity weddings across the pond

Now that Scotland has embraced the idea that B&B honeymoon package bookings would get a tremendous boost if those darns queers were just allowed to tie the knot, the famous gays are already beginning to enter the wedding gossip rags that have plagued straight celebs for decades. First on the list, notorious flaming pop icon Elton John will wed 12 year partner David Furnish in a supposedly small ceremony. Now why the infamously outlandish Elton would have anything less than a wild paparazzi party fiasco is beyond me (youre really not inviting Elizabeth Taylor?). Perhaps it’s the slightly dorky looking Canadian hubby-to-be? (Ok, perhaps that’s cruel, I think its just this picture, really. Wouldn’t you hate to be caught with less than flattering expressions and broadcast in national media?)

On a sidenote that is closer to home for me, and entirely less relevant, I just discovered a friend of mine is appearing in a Sundance Channel miniseries about transgender college students. Wow, Lucas, I had a photographer follow me around for a few weeks once, when The Columbian did a story on queer youth in the late 90s. Though I love attention, it was annoying enough. I can’t imagine experiencing that my entire senior year of college. And yet, I cant wait to watch it. I also need to keep in better touch with my east coast buddies so that next time I’m not discovering what’s happening in their lives through television…

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