I really wanted to stay away from Katrina

Yes, it has been in my thoughts every day as it has been in everyones. Its being talked about everywhere and I figured I could be a welcome respite. But I guess thats really just dreaming. There really isnt much to say about a tragedy of these proportions, and yet, politicos and both sides of every fence seem to have been spouting their own brands of hellfire and brimstone since the beginning. So lets just highlight one such inappropriate comment:

In Philadelphia, Michael Marcavage saw no coincidence, either, in the hurricane’s arrival just as gay men and lesbians from across the country were set to participate in a New Orleans street festival called “Southern Decadence.”

“We take no joy in the death of innocent people,” said Marcavage, who was an intern in the Clinton White House (how did that happen?) in 1999 and now runs Repent America, an evangelistic organization calling for “a nation in rebellion toward God” to reclaim its senses.

“But we believe that God is in control of the weather,” he said in a telephone interview. “The day Bourbon Street and the French Quarter was flooded was the day that 125,000 homosexuals were going to be celebrating sin in the streets. . . . We’re calling it an act of God.”

I got this from the excellent blog Gay Rights watch, which has a couple great posts on Katrinas impact on the queer community:

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