Shame and television

For all my anti-corporate spewings last week I gave you a rather positive spin on a new network appearing. Mere days later I began to shrink into the floor as it was pointed out to me that, as if television wasn’t shameless enough, the new station has actually sunk to the low of calling itself “Logo.” Corporate sponsors come on in! of course. Better yet, did this criticism come from you my loyal readers? No, it came in my own household…

So I admit it.

I may occasionally be imperfect, hypocritical even. Do I occasionally like to watch trash TV and buy Diesel apparel? Yeah I do. Do I get sucked into pop culture and gay marketing? Sure. Sometimes I have to recoil and get a hold of myself, and other times I think its ok to let yourself have a little fun, or let go of the oppression of perfection and complete social clarity. There may be good things to some of these apparent corporate monsters and other conundrums. So, if I admit to occasionally watching cable, I doubt Logo could be any worse than its siblings MTV and VH1.

No one ever said being queer would be simple did they?

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