Quirks, aka, 3 reasons I love our town

1 Queer knitting contingent will be at Pride. This Saturday at 1p at on the corner of Morrison and Naito Parkway downtown you li’l knitters will be gathering to do your thing down on the waterfront. This is the fun and friendly version of knots and needles folks, the rest is later. (For more info e-mail Adrienne at

2 The Multonah County Central Library has a whole display just for us. And yes, the gay section at the library (or Powell’s) are good spots to cruise those literati hotties.

3 Our gay city commisioner has his own blog. That’s right, you can hear all the local politico gossip you want right from the source. He’ll even mow your lawn for 30 in cash. I don’t know if he wears short shorts.

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