Fashion (police) musings

Mere moments after finishing Byron’s Queer Window column on discerning gay from hipster in teh Portland men’s fashion scene I glanced over my my fellow MAX rider and chortled. If I had been drinking milk, it would have been out my nose I assure you.

You see, Portland has other queer fashion characters.

Were they women’s jeans? I couldn’t tell. But his fairly feminine hips certainly made them appear so. The jean jacket and polo shirt may have almost past muster on Byron’s hip scale but were in stark competition with a sloppy combover, cell phone hip pocket, small gold hoop in one ear and hiking boots. Now, the clincher. I rather trust my gaydar, and in light if said article, perhaps this guy was just an older Portland metro…But on his left hand he wore a rainbow ring, sealing the deal on the fashion no-no that is just another facet of Portland’s gay scene.

Yes, this post, horribly judgemental, catty, yes. You can laugh at me the next time I’ve barely made it through another weekend and I dare to go out in public in my “Sunday best.”

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