Drag riot — Stonewall’s 36th anniversary

I heard it was a hot night, temperature and tempers. And while I generally consider myself a pacifist I also understand when its important to fight back. So today’s the day I cheer on those civil-rights champions and high heel lobbing drag queens that, this day in 1969, showed the NYPD that you didn’t have to be wearing the law-required 3 pieces of male atttire, in order to kick some coppers to the curb.

Greenwich Village’s riots at the Stonewall Inn marked the beginning of gay liberation movements and the vast colaitions of queers that have emerged since. It spurred the Pride parades that are now celebrated in June or other months internationally.

In Portland this year, we have an added extravaganza, targeting the Stonewall anniversary specifically. Holocene‘s (1001 SE Morrison) benefit for Basic Rights Oregon sports an impressive lineup including local burlesque queen, Sparkleheart, dress-me-up rockers Fleshtone and a host of wild, pants-shakin’ performers, DJs, fillmakers, artists, and speakers.

Our ancestral rioters would be so proud.

Oh yeah, and as a sidenote. Seems like Howard Dean’s got our backs

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