Quick roundup

Perhaps Showtime is making it easier to say goodbye this final season of Queer as Folk, because the first 2 episodes made my dislike of many characters begin to swell. Michael’s hypocritical and swift descent into the world of the pretentious, upwardly mobile gay men is just sickening, and his interaction with just as huffy and unrelenting Melanie drove me to drink. Teddy is as fake and annoying as ever, with a new attitude and addiction around every corner and even Emmett has a bad haircut. Oh Emmett!

All was saved by the soothing sounds of soulful romanteek at Snatch (see below). Unfortunately, they may just have too much funk for the west coast, but us transplants surely moved to their grooves. And by the time Show Me the Pink got up on stage the rest of the crowd was feeling the vibe. Where else can you hear lyrics that use the words “metrosexual dudes”? Sad to hear they’re on hiatus, but it’s for the happy reason of impending parenthood. Rumor is they’re in the studio anyway…

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