Queering femininity conference

Still no plans over Memorial Day weekend? Seattle will be invaded by femmes and femme-lovers for its first Queering Femininity conference. Build up gender, tear it down, but most important is learn, exchange, and play. The weekend will be filled with all three. And by filled I mean 6 to 8 workshops to choose between from dawn til dusk and parties from dusk til dawn again.

There will be vendors and an art exhibit all weekend. Saturday nights event is Femmetastic Cabaret, while Sunday youll have to choose between 2. On one hand you have the Dirty Dancing themed all ages dance featuring all the songs from that bizarre blending of the 60s and 80s, or for the more adventurous among us Seattles community center The Wet Spot hosts a play party (18+ of course).

But the daytime should be well worth the trip in and of themselves. Heres a rundown of some of the most enticing workshop titles: Confessions of a Pillow Queen: Femme Desire and Sexual Agency, Post Porn Love, Sex Workers and the Perversion of Proscribed Gender Roles, What’s That Under Your Dress?, Visualizing Mixed Race Femme Identities, Stalking the Wild Butchand oh so much more, some of which I dare not print here. Its the school you always wanted to attend.

And if youre too overstimulated and overwhelmed with information. Theres always that big sale at Ikea up there

All weekend in Seattle. Get all the information you need at the Queering Femininity website.

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