Miss Representation in the Bloggies

Unfortunate though it may be that yours truly did not receive a Bloggy nomination, I’m rather more disappointed at who else seems not to be represented at these prestigious awards. Each category has five nominations and the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered community has featured 4 blogs by men and 1 blog that appears to be collectively run, though it says nothing about the makeup of their group. One blogger is Asian and the rest appear to be Caucasian. Forgive me if I am mistaken on this one. If so, race is not a topic that any wish to address in their blogger bios, nor do their photos express it.

I don’t expect absolute equality. This is, indeed, and award for excellence. But there are no blogs on this big round globe authored by lesbians or trannies? lists an extraordinary amount searchable by many different categories, gender among them. The category claims their presence explicitly, which makes the absence all the more ironic.

I won’t be voting.

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