The WBC brings you...a Lady Gaga cover?

The WBC hates Lady Gaga

We're sure that Gaga hates you right back,for massacring her song, or for those dodgy pants

The WBC parodies Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” with Megan Phelps-Roper on vocals. Yes, that Phelps-Roper of ¬†Westboro Baptist Church / God Hates Fags “fame” .

Includes insightful lyrics such as “Stop prayin,’ stop prayin,’ God will not hear you anymore, you taught the boys and the girls to be proud whores.”

I […]

WBC Protest strategy meeting tomorrow at the Q Center


Westboro Baptist Church gay protest

The Q Center and the Blow Pony Crew are organizing a strategy meeting in order to come up with some plans for civil obedience action against the Westboro Baptist Church. The strategy meeting will be held at the Q Center from 7 to 9 pm on the 26th. (you may want to consider coming early to get a seat)¬†. The Q […]

God Hates Fags “church” to picket Grant HS

San Franciscans respond humourously to WBC hatred

San Franciscans respond humourously to WBC hatred

The Westboro Baptist Church, notorious for it’s anti-gay stance (“God Hates Fags”and other tripe) and aggressive, homophobia filled picketing, is coming to Portland to picket Grant HS on June 3rd. The WBC regularly pickets anything that is not a supermarket trolley, but why they are suddenly descending on Grant HS isn’t quite clear. (They aren’t that rational.)

An anti-picket demonstration […]