Sunday’s Third Sex reunion show

Sunday’s Third Sex reunion show, with a 30-something friendly 7pm start time, was a rousing success. The mix of nostalgia, change, and straight up rock reunion made the show both a loving remembrance and a night of straight up dancing, jumping, singing extravaganza.

It was particularly amusing to see the guitar balanced on Peyton’s bulging belly, pregnant with twins. And boy, those babies will be born singing.

And the delicate-looking […]

A Third Sex reunion show with The Haggard and Kaia Wilson

The Third Sex from their 7" "Mombies" cover

Anyone who is roughly my age and experienced Portland at the height of its dyke rock 90s knows the The Third Sex. Indeed my newly out 14 year old self swooned over the dreamy screamy vocals of Trish Walsh and Peyton Marshall.

For most of the length of their pop punk career I snapped photos, carried around around one of their […]