Portland Pride – A How-To-Guide (sorta)

SuperGay and Diana at Pride 2010
2010 Pride NW Pride Crew

Best Pride 2010 backup crew! Photo by Diana Edwards

So many (tiny) dogs. FryBrickLineFight v.s So-So-Burger line. What will you wear? Why do dykes on bikes always wear black? When is the Dyke March (Hint: either at 5pm or 6pm, depending on who you ask.) Official Weather. UnderU for Men sale. Why it’s not OK to be sexist, racist, or aggressive during Pride. Lovetribe snuggle tent skepticism. Splendora Gabor’s candyfloss hair.  It’s not over until the drag queen sings. And: If you find a bar that does dollar mimosas (like the fabulous Invasion did a few years ago!) you tell us by tweeting something @qpdx.

Some random musings on the nature of Portland Pride. All you need to know will be revealed, but don’t quote me. I said don’t.

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Love qPDX? Join us for Pride 2011 and “MAKE IT HAPPEN”!

Help cover gay pride
Help cover gay pride needs you to "make it happen".

What is that big golden disc in the sky? OMG the SUN? This can only mean-we’re half way through the year already, almost. Pride time!

This year, Pride NW’s theme is “MAKE IT HAPPEN”.  You already know we do that every day of the week, but the bigger Pride gets (and my, does it grow), the more we need your help! Every year, we at do everything we can to bring you the freshest, savviest, and most organic queer news and events possible. That means doing everything at once, for us. And while that sounds kind of fun, more hands are better than less when it comes to…tug of war, orgies, moving house, and qPDX Pride coverage.

We need your help!

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ADIDAS bans lesbians and gays from reclaiming their shoes

No shoes for you
No shoes for you

No shoes for you, Supergay! Click for full screenshot

Shoe giant and Portland/Beaverton local ADIDAS,  who currently hold a market share of 33% for athletic shoes, have banned gay terminology from their mi ADIDAS shoe customization service that allows shoe junkies such Alley Hector and myself to customize their latest kicks.
Words like “gay”, “lesbian”, “faggot” and “dyke” are banned – along with “homo”,  and ethnic slurs.

While playing around with the mi ADIDAS website today, I noticed it’s embroidery feature that allows users to add custom text to different parts of the shoe. Thinking that my buddy Supergay has been talking about getting some new boots, I tried entering the term “Supergay” – only to be informed that “profanity” had been detected and my embroidery was not allowed.

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Who is SuperGay?

Who is SuperGay?

SuperGay was spotted in Portland, OR - who is this queer superhero?

It has come to’s attention that a mysterious character known only as SuperGay has been spotted flying around town (and in the bean aisle at Fred Meyer) sporting a rainbow cape and a spandextastic outfit, and campaigning for the rights of queer people everywhere. I caught up with SuperGay on a local rooftop, where zhe was polishing their silver mirrored goggles with their rainbow cape, but before I could ask SuperGay how we can contact them, they just said “Same gay time, same gay channel” (I assume that means logo, but i don’t have cable) and flew off into the sunset with a barbie doll, a GI Joe, and a My Little Pony Unicorn clutched tightly to their chest. (the modern equivalent of riding off into the sunset, with the guy/girl i suppose)

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