A couple of gay TV moments from the weekend


As gayness becomes increasingly familiar in our lives, so it is reflected on the small screen. And despite that the American TV-watching population was most likely watching one of the straightest (well, if you don’t account for subtext) television events yesterday, there were most definitely some queer weekend highlights.

Firstly, let me indulge my obsession with science fiction. Though not nearly as epic as the recent SyFy hit Battlestar Galactica, new series Caprica is pretty interesting. This week they very nonchalantly introduced a gay couple as part of the tough-as-nails and mob-like Adama family. Ain’t no Tauron sissies in this touching family scene.

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Saturday Night Live takes on the subject of gays in the military

snl-gaySome of my favorite comedic uber-gays have always been SNL‘s gay couple from New Jersey. Apparently, however, it was not a successful enough skit to make it to online video. But when Don’t Ask Don’t Tell so much in the news and even of the tip of President Obama’s tongue the dynamic duo have been brought back to Weekend Update with a gloriously military themed sketch.

It’s ok for me to make fun of Jersey, my family and I hail from there.

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