‘Original Plumbing’ inaugural issue showcases FTM sexuality and culture


Editors Amos Mac (L) and Rocco Kayiatos pose with the first issue or 'Original Plumbing'

Lesbians used to have On Our Backs and gay men have Butt. Now, Original Plumbing, a “quarterly photo and interview-saturated magazine dedicated to the culture and sexuality of FTM transsexuals” is the new Playboy for the genderqueer generation. Sure, there’s all kinds of hot naked spreads, but you actually can genuinely say you read it for the articles with a “straight” face.

Just a warning, the website (linked above) features many NSFW photos.

The inaugural “bedroom issue” has just been released, and is already on independent bookstore shelves. Release parties continue to soldier on, including stops in Brooklyn, San Francisco and Seattle.

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Beefcake photos of Lance Bass as a boxer

Hint of black eye and bicep make Lance Bass as boxer a perfect tease. Photos by VGL's Braden Summers.

Today brings you just another sexy celebrity photoshoot for no other reason than prurient interest and a tangentially gay theme. Today’s hero is former boy band member Lance Bass as a badass boxer looking way hotter than he ever did as a spritely twink. I mean look at […]