Biggest local news stories of 2009

Sam Adams

Here at qPDX we really do like to have fun. That often means that our coverage is entertainment and event heavy. But 2009 saw plenty of news headlines as well. I’m sure it will come as no surprise to anyone what scandal fills the top spot, but let’s run down 4 more items as well before we repeat the obvious.

5 – Media drama, deaths and rebirths


Spring break hate crime in Seaside, Oregon

Two gay men, Samson and Kevin were severely beaten in a hate crime this weekend in Seaside, Oregon. Photo courtesy KATU.

I am very privileged to almost always feel safe in Portland and I usually feel fairly confident that I will not be gay bashed in most of Oregon, certainly in our laid back coastal areas. But this weekend 2 young gay men, nursing students from western Washington, were […]