Fruitcake on hiatus

A sad message from DJ Nolita:

Dearest dancing queers and allies,

I lament to inform you that Rumpspankers has gotten their liquor license revoked by the OLCC as of today and therefore Fruitcake will be postponed until further notice. We love and honor your support! Needless to say, we’ll be back soon!

Stay tuned, Fruitcake Xxo

Go SPelUNKing and shake your rump this Friday

Get into some tight spaces at SPelUNK Friday the 13th

Get into some tight spaces at SPelUNK Friday the 13th

As usual there is no lack of queer parties for the weekend and this Friday the 13th, so soon after Halloween, should certainly be auspicious. My recommendations are SPelUNK at Red Cap (1035 SW Stark) and Fruitcake at Rumpspankers (700 NE Dekum).

In honor of being scared of (and excited by) the dark, Red Cap intends to plunge its patrons into total, cave-like darkness with only your instincts and some LED lights to guide you.

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Happy Homo Halloween – parties and events


Fruitcake goes all out for All Homo's Eve

Whether you like dressing up in order to explore your faggy sense of fashion, to explore the costumes and the performance on self or just for the silly, scary fun of it all, Halloween is a homo-happy holiday. Here are some of the events you shouldn’t miss. Let the screams begin.

Saturday Oct 24th

Halloween week starts off right with Blow Pony‘s Night of the Living Queens brain draining dance party. Hosted By the Scum queen Artemis Chase with performances by Anna Conda (SF charlie Horse), Glamamore (SF charlie horse), Muthachucka (SF charlie horse), Hoku Mama Swamp (SF charlie Horse), Turleen (SF charlie Horse).

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Fruitcake and Gaycation queer dance off

fruitcakeI hate it when this happens. Portland is so gaymazing that some of the best events must overlap. But still I know these folks all know each other. We couldn’t make one dance night on Saturday? Nevertheless, you should try to make it to at least 1 of these fantastic events.

The competing club nights Gaycation at Holocene (1001 SE Morrison) and Fruitcake at Rumpspankers (700 NE Dekum) are both great alternatives for those of us who couldn’t make the trek down to Homo A Gogo.

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Don’t forget to Gloss tonight before you enjoy some Fruitcake on Friday

fruitcake-julyDon’t you hate it when your favorite blog doesn’t update for days and then returns with some lame excuse about personal drama and stress? That should never happen, especially for a queer blog…

Luckily there are many places to drown your sorrows when you haven’t heard from me in days. You could even buy me a drink there!

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The sweet taste of Fruitcake

A daytime view of Rumpspankers

A daytime view of Rumpspankers

Last Friday our Nopo prayers were answered when Fruitcake, a new queer dance night, took over Rumpspankers on Northeast Dekum. And if the packed house and slew of bicycles parked at the door is any indication, a repeat performance is most surely in order.

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Fat Fancy benefit at Fruitcake (a queer social)

How long have I been missing a new queer social night right in my neighborhood? I actually have no idea. But this Friday April 24th Fruitcake, a queer social night held at the absolutely adorable Rumpspankers Pub (700 NE Dekum), right on one of the next blossoming streets, hosts a special fundraiser for Fat Fancy.

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