Roy Washburn, previously anti-gay politician, comes out

Roy Ashburn comes out, but now what?

Roy Ashburn comes out, but now what?

Complete and utter tosser California state Senator Roy Washburn has now officially come out, several gay news websites along with mainstream media report.

Roy Ashburn, a republican politician and classic victim of internalized homophobia that ends up fucking things up for everyone else, spent the last several years voting against Harvey Milk day, anti-gay bullying initiatives, gay marriage, and apparently even organized an anti gay-marriage rally. Oh and he’s from California, that lovely prop-8 state.

A few days ago he was booked by the cops after driving around drunk in his state-issued SUV, coming from a gay bar called Faces and with a gay guy in the passenger seat. Smart move.

Now what? I don’t think gays and lesbians will ever accept Ashburn into the fold. Maybe the Log Cabin’s want him?

Some video under the cut.

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