Portland Pride 2011 Sunday events

The Dolly Pops perform as part of End of the Rainbow

Oh my god, today is the day! So shake off that 3 day hangover and get your ass to the big Pride ParadeMake it Happen! And check out the earlier route and Waterfront Festival maps in case you’ve forgotten. Gay Standard Time is probably ok but the route is short so don’t miss it! And once you’re done with downtown it ain’t over yet, as there seem to be more Sunday afternoon and nighttime events than ever!

Families of Color Day Out picnic – Sunday is a perfect day for winding down and slowly easing yourself out of Pride weekend. I’ve often gone to informal friend BBQs but people of color might want to consider the larger group gathering in North Portland’s Kenton Park. SO grab the hot dogs and the ribs and show your out of town guests what a NW picnic in the shadow of the big Paul Bunyan statue really means.

7th annual Pride Block Party – Today’s the day when Stark Street really is gay again as Red Cap/Boxes closes down the triangle to outsiders in favor of colorful tents that contain some of the best daytime dancing and performance I’ve seen. Hosted by San Francisco’s Trannyshack momma Heklina, the block party, open mere moments after the parade at 1pm, features performances by the Rose City Sirens, ChiChi and Chonga, and (can it be?) all the Miss Thing winners of 2010.

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Portland Pride Parade 2011 lineup

Dykes on Bikes are the traditional start to every Pride parade...

I’m not sure if you really need to know this as you won’t want to miss a thing, but hey, information is power. But I reiterate, don’t come late or leave early because the parade begins with the Dykes on Bikes, hot, loud and sexy, and the end features bears and their opposite, cleanly shaven white party boys (and Cosmetology Careers Unlimited woohoo!) You’ll most def want to stay until at least #82 of the 112 group lineup, cuz, you know, that’s us. And we’re fabulous. And we have a superhero marching with us…

And don’t ask me why the first 8 entries are letters and the rest numbers. I really have no idea. It’s some Pride NW mystery code, and if you crack it the gay-lluminati will give you a prize or something…

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Pride Parade route and festival maps and gathering info

Whether your marching with your favorite org or just want to be sure to get a good seat on the route it’s important to have the Pride Parade route details. The map is below for easy reference or you can download a PDF version for printing. Some may be disappointed that the route no longer goes by either the tradition gayborhood on Stark Street nor the high traffic section of SW Broadway along Pioneer Courthouse Square but it’s mercifully short for us workin’ bitches and drag queens in heels. So it’s a blessing and a curse.

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Finally, all the pictures from Portland Pride

Go go boys at the Red Cap Block Party. Photo by Mike Burt

Mike was shooting with such fancy equipment that it took awhile for him to really get all the galleries up, but they finally are! That also means that if you spot yourself in a shot we can most likely make a really nice print for you. If you’re interested just email me at