Interview with Heather Cassils, andro Lady Gaga prison kisser

Heather Cassils

Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone” music video, epic for both its overabundance of pop culture reference as well as its 9 minute running time, has officially reached 1 billion internet viewings but many of those eyes were focused on the very queer intro, featuring genderqueer stripping, kissing and dubious acting in the County Jail, Prison for Bitches.

The most interesting interaction during this extended intro comes from relative unknown bodybuilder and performance artist Heather Cassils, who has no qualms about sitting herself next to Gaga and capturing her in a naughty embrace.

But Cassils is better at more than just making out. The Los Angeles based personal trainer and performance artist is fascinating for her ideas on art, gender, popular culture. Here are some of her answers to the most pressing questions of her wide-eyed watchers including upcoming projects, perspective her own personal gender identity, and presentation, and even a glance into her love life.

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Training with Pride

Tim IrwinIt’s June. The pressure is on! No more rain, and lots of sunshine, lets face it this is why we all love Portland. Amazing summers, pool parties, Sauvies Island, sipping Margaritas at Dingos, sitting outside on the Red Cap Patio, and Burger nights at Starky’s. Portland is once again a thriving Oasis of food, booze, and yes swim suits, shorts, and tank tops. We can’t hide behind our Columbia Sportswear parka’s and wool sweaters. We are exposed! So Portland I turned to Tim Irwin, on the advice of my best friend, to get into shape.

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