Be an old school OQ at the Original Queer Night tonight

I did a search for queer 90s and this came up. Pretty emblematic now that I think about it…

We all know by the trail of dead nights (RIP Market and Castro, Manic Mondays et al) how tough it can be to get the queers out on a Monday night. But back in the days (you know, the 90s) were we had to beg venues for a night of […]

Labor day weekend picks for the ‘Mrs.’ first time, frozen t-shirt’s last time, and Static’s good times

Kaj-Anne Pepper hosts the first Mrs.

As much as I love you all, I can’t say I’m sad to leave town, which is currently raining and may be one of the shortest summer’s I’ve ever experienced in my many PDX years, this holiday weekend. But there are a few eclectic first and last times that are worth checking out if you are braving the local weather for that last […]

No longer secret Gossip show at Mississippi Studios

Local blogger Byron Beck put the word out this morning that tomorrow’s undercover dance party and Yummy Fur, Pie Ghosts, Asss show at Mississippi Studios (3939 N Mississippi Ave) will feature local sensations The Gossip in addition to the announced lineup.

Surely this news will overshadow the Glaswegian art-rock cult combo and send tickets flying, but the $5 show was already an interesting bargain. If they are good friends of […]