Most read qPDX posts of 2011

These are the parts of that piqued the most interest and caused the most kerfuffle. […]

Tonight: Gender (Free) For All Benefit @ IOW, Fruitcake!

Fruitcake, or Michael Jackson? Same diff

The times are a little quieter right now, it’s true, what with Seattle pride and San Francisco Pride dueling for our attentions this weekend. will mostly be staying in town, due to overworked livers and overworked bank accounts, but nevertheless there are a few opportunities to party this weekend. We already wrote a little preview for the GFFA benefit happening at In […]

Breaking news: Michael Jackson dead

UPDATE: It seems like it really is true. The LA times now reports that Jackson was pronounced dead by doctors. BBC News is also reporting his death, along with MSNBC, and the Associated Press. CNN has so far not confirmed his death.


It’s a rough day for 80’sd idols. We’ve just heard that after Farrah Fawcett died of a long standing battle with cancer, Michael Jackson has died of […]