Celestial Clockwork: A Movie Overlooked

This is a strange one…

Hey, I missed you guys! Due to the dedication to the new QPDX Podcast, 2 Girls 1 Podcast, I’ve been a little busy of late. However, I love writing about movies, and little could keep me away from this blog for long.

Celestial Clockwork, made in 1995 by Venezuelan director, Fina Torres (Oriana and Woman on Top), is one of the stranger movies I’ve […]

MUNCH: How to seduce your spring fling.

Making cookies together is a sacred act of love.

So you see a cute something something making eyes at you across the aisle of the bus and you start having all of these dirty images of the two of you comingling in someplace public and dirty. But you’ve never talked to this person and you have no idea how to cross the vast gulf of the aisle. Luckily, […]

Meet me in my beater.

Lately I’ve been munching my way through interesting conversations with straight men calling about my 1980 Datsun 210 wagon for sale. Sometimes the questions about the car become questions about me. “I’m assuming that your husband has a car, too?” “You sound cute. I didn’t realize that you were so young.” Today’s conversation ends with his vague whispery words telling me to call him if I […]