Tegan and Sara bring lezhipsters together at the Keller

Tegan and Sara. Photo by Pamela Littky

Twin hottie hipster folk-rock faves Tegan and Sara will be bringing the ladies down to the Keller Auditorium this Thursday the 8th when they take the stage with openers Steel Train & Holly Miranda. And while the confinement to seats might damper the spirit slightly, there will still most certainly be a plethora of doe-eyed baby dykes swooning over the sounds of the dual talented singer/songwriters.

Though I have sung the praises of both their most recent release Sainthood as well as 2007’s The Con I have never actually gotten to see them live. So this week should be an interesting experience as I finally get to see the pair I have dubbed, “Soulful, skillful, intense and at times downright strange…these girls have somehow managed to capture our hearts in a way that is certainly odd, possibly endearing, and yet a lot less sappy than I would expect.”

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