Lady Gaga Concert: A supernova of faggitude

Lady Gaga Concert: A supernova of faggitude

To say Lady Gaga rocked Portland is an understatement.

She exploded into a supernova of faggitude. Her pro-gay, pro-freak, pro-throw-your-tampon-at-high-school-bullies shook the very foundations that upholds Portland as the “keep-it-weird” center of the world.

Playing to over 20,000 adoring fans at the Rose Garden, Lady Gaga shot her Monster Ball tour like hot liquid into the laps of all the weirdoes and lovers last night. Her high-octane, multi-media, electronic heavy performance charmed the audience at every set movement and dance move. Averaging a costume-change about every three songs, there was an endless supply of spectacle and wonderment. To see photos of last night’s concert, look here:

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