Congratulating the LGBT themed Golden Globe winners

Producer Ryan Murphy, left, kisses actor Chris Colfer, both of television's "Glee," as they hold their awards at the Fox party following the Golden Globes. AP Photo

Although The Social Network took the top prize at last night’s Golden Globe Awards several LGBT themed shows and/or actors also took top honors.

Many of these movies also appear on my best gay movies list of 2010 as well as the […]

2010’s most Googled gays

Perez Hilton was the most Googled gay this year. A blogger? Really? There's hope for me yet

Ah, it’s that time of the year when we stop writing about real news and just rehash everything that happened over the past year as if we weren’t there the first time. My own versions of the year in review and the best of 2010 won’t begin until next week, but that […]

A night for the GLEEKS among you

Gay GLEEK night at Julia's Cafe in Portland

Gay GLEEK night at Julia's Cafe in Portland

OK, so i’m maybe not the best person to write about this because I haven’t yet been struck with GLEE fever, but there will be a very gay GLEE night at Julia’s cafe, hosted by Jersey Scities and Andy Mangels! I’m told there will be fantastic GLEEness complete with singalongs and prizes and raffles (well, maybe the raffle comes […]

Jane Lynch and Glee do ‘Vogue’

Even those of you who may not be regular Glee watchers must want to see Jane Lynch aka the evil coach of the cheerleading Cheerios Sue Sylvester and lesbian extraordinaire strike a pose. Miss Madge herself will be on next week.

Best TV of 2009

'Glee's openly gay character Kurt in football uniform

It would be tough to beat last year’s lineup of LGBT on TV but 2009 has some decent contenders. Alas, none of them have the same newsy sex appeal as last year’s winner Rachel Maddow but how often does a butch hottie grace our anchor seats?

5 – The sci-fi outbreak of Heroes, Stargate Universe, and Virtuality

Sci-fi can often push […]

Gay TV Guide

Gay TV Guide

January is a slow month for Portland gay news as you can tell. It’s rainy outside, you stay inside and wait for spring, we try and find alternative news to keep you entertained…

Enter the GLAAD Gay TV Guide.