Perry’s Plethoric Pride Pantheon Redux – Portland Pride Weekend in Review

Gay Cat

Gay Cat

Wow – what a weekend. I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering, and finding glitter in unexpected places. This year’s Pride was an amazing experience for me. Five nights, ten parties, two marches, and zero gay bashings or homophobic incidents (as far as we know). A vibrant, powerful and peaceful pride despite a lot of changes this year – to the Pride route, to […]

Blow Pony goes off without a hitch but raises questions

Blow Pony has become one of the most popular queer nights in town

Last night saw the first Blow Pony since the Pride weekend violence (of which Blow Pony was, sadly, the epicentre) and the muddle of police-ness that followed, so of course went down to Casey’s/The Eagle to check out what was going down. This Blow Pony went down without a hitch – but questions are being […]

Tonight: Pride Jump-Off party @ Rotture

Queer Portland Pride kicks it off @ Rotture TONIGHT

Just a quick note: There will be a Pride “Jump-off” party tonight a@ Rotture.

DJs Automaton (who is always a good time!), Girlfriends, Jenny Hayston. Tres Bux, party o’clock.

Rotture is 315 SE 3rd ave, behind office depot or max or whatever that overpriced deskset junkyard is called. 21+, sorry kiddos.

See you there!