New queer foodie show 'Put it in your mouth with Wyatt Riot'

'Put it in your mouth' with Wyatt Riot

For awhile there was a Facebook group trying to get local queer foodie Wyatt Riot his own show on Logo. I don’t think it got very far. But Wyatt doesn’t need MTV networks to make homos in PDX want to know about the best food carts and places to put it in your mouth. I mean, Portland was recently voted #1 by CNN above Thailand for our street food.

So, instead he launched his own show Put it in Your Mouth along with Wolf and Owl Productions. And I’m sure we owe a lot of the cooking and the eating to the gay munchers.

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MUNCH: a new queer food column

Here at QPDX, we spend a lot of time munching on various things—salads, burritos, omelets, carpets (I can only vouch for myself here, although I have a feeling that the other writers here are equally suspect). Sometimes the world outside of the kitchen is pretty shitty. Research shows that there are things that you can stick in your mouth that will make you feel good. Sometimes you are hungry and there is nothing in the fridge (and alternately, no one in your bed). […]