Casting call for aspiring gay actors

Scott Braucht is casting for gay short and, unlike major Hollywood studios, would actually like real lesbians and gays to try out for the parts!

Auditions will be held on Sunday, April 18. Please contact me if this won’t work for you, but you are still interested in auditioning. Hopefully we can set up an alternative time.

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American remake of German gay soap opera to be set in Portland

'Christian & Olli'

Verbotene Liebe (also known as Forbidden Love, often abbreviated to VL) is a Rose d’Or Award winning German television soap opera that has become popular enough for Americans to want to steal.

Like the UK’s Queer as Folk before them, American producers have seen a good Euro idea and adapted it to our very own market. Pittsburgh in comparison to Manchester didn’t quite work. But we’ll see how Portland plays as a gay soap setting.

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