Happy Homo Halloween – parties and events


Fruitcake goes all out for All Homo's Eve

Whether you like dressing up in order to explore your faggy sense of fashion, to explore the costumes and the performance on self or just for the silly, scary fun of it all, Halloween is a homo-happy holiday. Here are some of the events you shouldn’t miss. Let the screams begin.

Saturday Oct 24th

Halloween week starts off right with Blow Pony‘s Night of the Living Queens brain draining dance party. Hosted By the Scum queen Artemis Chase with performances by Anna Conda (SF charlie Horse), Glamamore (SF charlie horse), Muthachucka (SF charlie horse), Hoku Mama Swamp (SF charlie Horse), Turleen (SF charlie Horse).

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It’s a boy! Pregnant man Thomas Beatie gives birth again


Barbara Walters pictured with Thomas Beatie and his baby daughter Susan Juliette, in November 2008.

Once a headline sensation, Thomas Beatie, the “pregnant man” just had his second child yesterday, and the headlines are nearly buried amidst Pride fervor.

From ABC news:

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