Facebook rejects lesbian film ad

Like many of you, i’m a facebook addict. I never really got into myspace as much as many did, but I really love facebook. It’s less cluttered than myspace. It’s easy to use. It’s easy to find people.  All my friends are on it. Squabbles over changes in the user agreement aside, and no, I don’t like the new format either, Facebook is still a great marketing/networking tool (and a bit of a timesuck). But this here issue is something that made me pay attention. Apparently, it seems, Facebook has a rejected an ad deemed “too racy” despite the fact that the creators claim many other ads on FB are a lot racier. Is the ad being targetted for being “too gay”? Is FB turning homophobic? Will this be the next AmazonFail?

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Facebook Rejects Lesbian Film Ad

Facebook Rejects Lesbian Film Ad

We’re not gonna deny that the advertisement to the right would certainly be described as “sexy,” but it’s hardly lewd or inappropriate. So why exactly did Facebook reject this ad for ‘And Then Came Lola,’ a film targeted at a lesbian audience?

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