qPDX on gaycation


Team Dresch

I hate to do this to you folks. I’ve been a bit frantic of late in general, my co-editor has become entrenched in the wilds of Reed College and the newbies are most certainly not yet up to speed. And yet, this is the time I choose to leave you, unattended, for 10 whole days. Now behave while I am away, and I will try to post little bits of my gaycation ephemera but who knows when I will see an internet cafe in the wilds of the jungle. So I make no promises.

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Pornapalooza porn exchange



It’s a bit last minute but you were just gonna be at home with your porno mags anyway right? Well instead, head on down to the Dirty Duck (439 NW 3rd Ave) tonight at 9pm to exchange your tired and worn pages for brand spankin’ new stuff.

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