Adam Lambert’s racy ‘American Music Awards’ performance

Photo: Djansezian/Getty

Though I am tempted to editorialize, I’m really much more interested to hear what you all have to say about last night’s Adam Lambert performance on the American Music Awards. In his first televised performance since the Season Eight finale of American Idol, Lambert aims to stir the pot. He also proclaims that any censorship would be discriminatory.


Ellen Degeneres on ‘Oprah’

One of the 3 cover designs for Ellen Degeneres' appearance on Oprah magazine, and the silliest

Today Ellen Degeneres appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show with new wife Portia De Rossi for their first televised interview as a married couple. Largely a fun and promotional show celebrating Ellen’s appearance alongside the daytime star on the cover of O: The Oprah Magazine, the duo were a pleasure to watch, and […]

Ellen DeGeneres takes over for Paula Abdul on ‘American Idol’

While we will all miss the antics of batsh*t crazy Paula Abdul on American Idol, her zany dyke replacement, Ellen Degeneres, will probably also serve up some pretty good times. I’m excited to see her interactions with fellow judges Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson.

DeGeneres told EOnline:


Adam Lambert on the cover of Rolling Stone

Adam Lambert on the cover of Rolling Stone. Photo by Matthew Rolston

And yes, he answers that question that everybody already knew the answer to. He’s gay! Gay just like Clay, other other runner up that’s more famous than the winner. But Adam is much bolder, hotter, and glamtastic. And Rolling Stone knows it.


The projected ‘American Idol’ favorite, and projected homo, is robbed of his title

From Left: Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, Ryan Seacrest at the 'American Idol' finale

Buzz across TV land predicted that the outlandish, and quite probably gay, Adam Lambert would take home the top prize at this year’s American Idol. Alas, the favorite was upset by the cute, but not nearly as deserving, Kris Allen.

Even Mr. Allen was slightly stunned by the news: after the host Ryan Seacrest had told […]