The Evils of Being a Woman, brought to by the 1970’s

Type “Feminism is Dead” into your Google browser. Go on, do it, and come right back to my post. Personally, the things I pulled up were pretty repulsive. In 2009, Miss Venezuela, the winner of the Miss Universe Pageant, was asked what women should do to combat sexism in the workplace. Her response was, “there are no longer any barriers against us”. I pulled up a pontification from a Unitarian Minister explaining that feminism had achieved it’s goal, and now all of the remaining feminists are just man-hating radicals. Perhaps, there is something to that. Women wanting equality for women must be looney or bull dykes. These attitudes mimic the feminist backlash communicated in some 70’s B movies. The easy reaction is to be offended, disheartened, and feel minimalized. The smart reaction is to examine the media and the messages in anti woman film.

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70's protest

Recently I’ve gotten bent out of shape because of the homophobia that’s pervaded my life. I’m tired of being expected to cater to people that I know deep down inside think I’m a second class citizen because I like hot man-on-man action. I could gush on and on about it, recounting many a woefully depressing tale, but I know it’s something we all have personal experience with to a […]