This weekend will have you Singin’ in the Rain

Amy Sacks Eyewear available at Sword & Fern this Friday


Portland Drag race – This week’s edition of Portland Drag Race is a very special gender*ck/monster edition. So embrace your inner Portland weirdness and that other, not so pretty drag racer within. RuPaul’s Logo TB show screens right before at 8 so root for the monstrous underdog Sharon Needles to gear up. She’s got a road ahead of her in light of RPDR’s usual preference for traditional, beautiful drag, so it’s time to upset that!

Art show with Jeau Breedlove, Boy Funk, Damon Boucher – Local beats and bumpy performance by queer boy musical darlings with an art backdrop by the Good Reverend.

And don’t forget our monthly faves Dirtbag! and Sweet Tea.


Sword and Fern eyewear extravaganza – Sword and Fern locally queer owned biz with some of the most lovely and elegant pieces of jewelry I’ve seen. And now, with the addition of glasses from Amy Sacks Eyewear they’re getting into even more dangerous territory for me (have we talked about my spectacle fetish?). Better yet a portion of the proceeds at this First Friday opening go to the Pixie Project, a local animal rescue.

Homomentum‘s Singin’ in the Rain – One of the most successful and longest running queer and drag performance series is back with a very Gene Kelley dance theme that’s just enough mid-century reserved and hip and corruptible enough to make very very gay. And I expect nothing less. What will the Gillicorn Blessing do with this one? Also, stay tuned as I’ll be a guest judge at the final installment, Homo’s Got Talent, on May 4th.

Deep Cuts – Make that deep wound hurt so good as this aurally themed hipster party increases Rotture’s coolness factor once again. Guest DJ Chelsea Starr brings the vagabond DJ Cali vibe and Leila Hofstein the sass behind the camera in the photobooth.


Tacocat, Forever, & Modern Marriage – High Times Doobie Award nominees Tacocat join with Forever and Modern Marriage for a night of 90s lovin’ rock.

Easy: Disco Halloween – In a rather bizarrely themed Halloween edition in March Easy wants to take you on a scary costumed journey. Must have been a special request by birthday boy Samuel Thomas.


Retire Sus Tatas! – Not just another top surgery fundraiser, this night of comedy presents a vaudeville style review featuring burlesque (that will feature tatas), music, comedy, and special combinations such as musical comedy improv by Annie Vergnetti.

Bridge Club March Fourth – This low key Sunday afternoon party brings to mind Paris salons of the 1920s.  So whether you’re a Gertrude Stein or a Marcel Duchamp, don your queerest and enjoy one of the warmest outdoor patios I’ve experienced in Portland.

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