2 Girls, 1 Podcast ep#12: Bowling for Oscars

I was really hoping Glenn Close (R) would win Best Actress for Albert Nobbs though I do love Meryl Streep (L) as Margaret Thatcher. Both portrayals seem pretty gay.

This week’s podcast dispels some rumors, discusses the Hollywood Bowl drama and digs on the Oscars.

First we address a rumor about Just Out from last week before moving on to a couple “sports” related updates. Can queer community drama, whether it’s about bowling or anything else be moved off of Facebook? Can Oaks Park step up their skating rink bling for the gays just a little bit? Will I ever enjoy softball? (The answer is no, unless you’re talking about the after party with the slip’n’slide I’ve heard so much about).

And then the Oscars move in and even Kuma, the mouthy pomeranian, has to have her barking say about the red carpet. It’s a great transition to our walk down the nasty sex road that is Craiglist…

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